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Recent developments:

  • Assessments
    Several new assessment forms were added to QI Assessment module. Contact us if you would like to have them added to your website.

QuickImmigrant is an online customer relationship management (CRM) system for immigration lawyers and consultants in Canada.

Accessible from anywhere, anytime, Since 2001
QuickImmigrant modules:

Forms and Client Management

Our QuickForms enable our users to fill out, update and organize application forms for each client. Key features include:

  • We simplify and speed up the application process for every immigration procedure. Best of all, our users can fill out just one online questionnaire for each client and we’ll save that information, automatically applying it to every subsequent form used for that client.
  • From are automatically selected for your client's file based on their application type from a library of over 1600 PDF forms.
  • Covering more than 80 different applications (Federal and Provincial) in French and English.
  • All forms are filled out, saved and secured online
  • No training or additional software purchases needed

Client Management is an organized database of your clients' information which you can search and update at will.

optional module 1: Client Login

After creating a new client’s file, the Client Login feature allows you to set up a password enabling that client to access their file on your website to perform any of the following:

  • Information Verification: Checking the status of their file and verifying their personal information
  • Personal Data Questionnaires: This is a general questionnaire that, once completed, auto-feeds all collected personal info to any subsequent forms used
  • Application Forms: User may grant clients permission to fill in their PDF application forms themselves, or limit them to view-only access
  • Notes & Reminders: When the Client Login feature is used along with the Notes & Reminders feature, your client will see notes you have attached to their file and have chosen to share with them
  • Upload/Download: File Storage lets the client add/upload documents, such as scanned images of their passport, to their file. They may also open/download those documents you have attached to their file and chosen to share with them
  • Easy to use: All of these functions are easy for any client to use, regardless of location or quality of internet connection. If a client can check their email, they can use Client Login

Note: You may disable/enable any of the above features for any client at any time.

Optional Module 2: Reminders, Notes & Letters
This application lets users create reminders linked to a client file or write notes to record actions taken regarding the file. Users can also prepare letters using customizable templates to print and save. Notes, Reminders & Letters are shared with those users in your firm who have been granted permission to access a client’s file.
optional module 3: Accounting
We offer a simple-to-use financial reporting system for immigration lawyers and service providers. It collects information and produces reports such as:
Easy Client Statement: A summary of all invoices/payments/refunds applicable to each client
Easy Printable Invoice: Create a client invoice and it will automatically be recorded to the client's file
Easy Track Expenses: Keep track of your expenses for each office. Automatically calculate and track sales tax
optional module 4: File Storage
In the same way you attach files to emails, users may attach documents (such as PDFs, scans, photos, etc.) to a client’s file. Your client can also attach items to their file when this module is used along with Client Login module.